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Hydrotherapy Bath Treatment

To ensure our guests’ privacy, our hydrotherapy bath is set up for individual use in private rooms. The hydrotherapy bath comes equipped with water jets, offering a Jacuzzi-style spa experience as warm water is pumped through jets strategically placed throughout the tub, offering a more vigorous, focused massage to hit specific areas such as the lower back, arms, hips,legs and feet.


This consists of an invigorating water jet massage with a mineral and mud bath. Dead Sea Salt and essential oils are used to promote better sleep.

20 Minutes
LKR 4,500
Call +94 (11) 242-1221


A beautifully romantic, sensual bathing experience that drenches the body in rich fragrant warmth while you relax in a terrazzo plunge pool.

30 Minutes
LKR 4,600
Call +94 (11) 242-1221


This is an exfoliating and moisturizing experience for the entire body. The luxurious treatment begins with a honey scrub and a warm bath filled with milk and honey, followed by a 30 minute light massage.

60 Minutes
LKR 8,800
Call +94 (11) 242-1221

*Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. All above prices are inclusive of service charge + VAT.