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Pamper yourself with our luxurious body wraps & scrubs. Featuring some of the best spa treatments in Colombo, our expertly designed & carefully balanced body treatments hydrate, deeply cleanse & replenish – leaving your spirit revitalised and your skin radiating & silky to the touch.

Body Wraps

Thai Herbal Body Wrap

Followed by a relaxing massage, this body wrap uses Thai herbs & white mud, to deep-cleanse & detoxify your skin while ridding it of excess oils.

  • 45 minutes LKR 14,600

Complete with a soothing head, neck & scalp massage, this hydrating & cleansing body treatment uses dosha oils & masks to stimulate self-healing.

  • 45 minutes LKR 13,500

Experience the wondrously soothing effects of Aloe Vera mixed with lavender & chamomile. This body treatment is especially recommended for sunburn.

  • 45 minutes LKR 15,000

Silky Body Scrubs / Exfoliation

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Leaving your skin radiant & hydrated, this skin-exfoliating body scrub removes dull, dead skin cells using aromatic oils enriched with mineral salts.

  • 30 minutes LKR 5,500

This body treatment uses a combination of Thai traditional herbs & aroma oils designed to moisturize, sooth & improve the health of your skin.

  • 30 minutes LKR 5,500

A rejuvenating anti-oxidant treatment that exfoliates your skin & leaves you feeling, relaxed, fresh & invigorated.

  • 30 minutes LKR 5,500

With the use of natural coffee beans, this uplifting body scrub, softens & detoxifies your skin, relieves stress & brings your body back into balance.

  • 30 minutes LKR 5,500

This cleansing treatment hydrates & improves skin health while removing dead skin cells using a mixture of aroma oils & pink Himalayan natural salt.

  • 45 minutes Price: 7,000

This revitalizing body scrub uses lemongrass, utilized for centuries for its healing properties, to detoxify the body by removing unwanted impurities.

  • 45 minutes LKR 6,500
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