The Galle Face Green

The Galle Face Green

The Galle Face Green stands today as a symbol of leisure - a place where families gather for picnics, where children enjoy their time flying kites and where some come to exercise. Perhaps one of the popular attractions in Colombo, it is known for its breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, a sight that can be captured in all its glory from the stunning pier.

As one of the largest promenades in Sri Lanka, the Galle Face Green was once used by the Dutch to give the cannons of Fort a clear line of fire. Stretching one and a half kilometers, it holds within its grasp countless stories of the past, having been laid out in 1859 by the British Governor, Sir Henry Ward. Although it has undergone countless changes over the years, it still retains its original splendour, bringing in countless visitors, both locals and tourists, everyday.

Facing the sea, this long stretch of lawn abounds with opportunities for enjoyment, ideal for the discerning traveller. Often, children are seen playing on the sprawling lawn either cricket or football, while couples tend to huddle along the cemented sidewalks eating ice cream or getting close under umbrellas.

Along the sea is a string of shops, each offering a variety of Sri Lankan street food from prawn and crab vadais, packaged food items and different varieties of spicy fruit pickle to delicious naan rotis and a range of curries. In addition, there are vendors who sell kites, balloons, toys and other items - ideal for children and young teenagers. There is a small beach if one prefers to soak one's feet, but often during the latter part of the day, the waters are quite rough. When sunset arrives, saunter to the edge of the pier and embrace the stunning scene before you. This is the ideal spot to catch a glimpse of Galle Face Green at dusk, a time where the promenade is busier and livelier than normal.



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