COVID-19 Updates: Learn more about our commitment to cleanliness

The enhanced security measures at The Kingsbury to keep guests safe:

Strengthened and enhanced security have taken place at the premises and the periphery of the hotel:

  • From prior to check in, the verifying and extensive evaluation of guest details and passport scanning is in place.
  • Passport copies are also mandatory at the point of reservation.
  • Bookings are accepted through reputed travel agencies and reservations secured through credit card payments.
  • All vehicles entering the perimeter of the Hotel from the main entrance are being scrutinized including an undercarriage check.
  • Baggage scanners and personal scanning devices will be used to clear visitors at the main entrance.
  • Metal detectors will also be used at receiving areas to scan suppliers.
  • The hotel is also protected by State security.

All measures have been taken to heighten the safety of The Kingsbury property and its valued guests who patronize it.