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Five-star Highlights

The Kingsbury understands the importance of precious family moments and offers a range of exciting and engaging activities for the entire family to participate in.

In addition to numerous family activities and delightful service, The Kingsbury goes out of its way to ensure that the atmosphere of the hotel is family-friendly at all times.

Children's Amenities

The hotel provides a number of amenities for children and the genuine care of the staff at The Kingsbury will let parents know at once that their little ones are left in good, trusting hands.

Family Activites

We would be delighted to suggest and help arrange suitable activities for your family members with regard to their ages and interests. The Kingsbury has something to offer for guests of all ages.

Babysitting Services

Reliable babysitting services can be arranged with 24 hours' notice and the hotel will do anything possible to accommodate short notice requests. Please note that a fee is applicable for this service.