The Kingsbury’s staycation bucket list!


If you’re in the mood for a staycation at The Kingsbury, Colombo and you’re wondering what you can do during your stay we’ve got you covered. To help you out we’ve compiled a selection of the best experiences you can engage in at The Kingsbury, your preferred five-star hotel in the heart of the city.

High Tea for 2 at Churros

The Kingsbury Colombo’ High Tea is undoubtedly the best in town, so why don’t you and your staycation buddy head on over to ‘Churros’, Colombo’s most in-demand patisserie, and reserve your table?

Journey through the Orient at Harbour Court

Hop on down to the Harbour Court for dinner and take a journey through the orient from Monday to Thursday with our newly-launched oriental dinner buffet. This buffet boasts over 100+ dishes from 7 different countries. Why settle for just one cuisine when you can sample dishes from across Asia!

Sunset Cocktails at Sky Lounge 

If you’re a cocktail connoisseur, why not visit our premier rooftop bar Sky Lounge and sample our signature cocktails coupled with an unbeatable view of the Colombo skyline. Browse through our extensive menu and enjoy being served by our star class mixologists who’ve got a flair for entertainment.

Steaks for days at the Kings Steak Bar

If you’re tired of terribly done steaks, here’s your chance to have it how it’s meant to be. Be it well done, medium rare or rare, you can dine like royalty at the Kings Steak Bar. Just phone the reception from your room to reserve a table and your dinner date is good to go.

Seafood Surprises at Ocean

If you’ve got a craving for prawns, crabs & more, then we recommend a lunch date at ‘Ocean’ the Kingsbury’s restaurant dedicated to seafood. Choose from a wide variety and indulge in the delectable dishes prepared by our experienced chefs. From crab curry to prawn tempura, at the ‘Ocean’ your seafood cravings are guaranteed to be sated.

Clinks & Bites at Honey Beach Club & Tavern

Toast to the good times with the ones that matter at our poolside bars. The Honey Beach Club & Tavern have their own charms about them and each offer a completely different experience from the other.

Sip on exotic cocktails and snack or carefully curated canapes at the Honey Beach Club or enjoy local classics like Coconut Toddy and Isso Wade at the Tavern.

Whatever mood you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

Chinese Delights at Yue Chuan

Each and every Sri Lankan holds a soft spot for Chinese food and what better way to indulge in your favourite Chinese dishes than the one place in Colombo that does it just right. Head on over to Yue Chuan and enjoy the best Chinese food in town during your staycation at ‘The Kingsbury’.

In conclusion, these are just 7 of the many things you can do when you book your staycation at ‘The Kingsbury’. Why wait when you can call us on 0112 421 221 to book your vacation in the city right away.

– Team Kingsbury