7 Simple Ways to Find the Best Hotel Deals in Sri Lanka

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Everyone wants to get a good deal, and accommodation is usually one of the highest costs in any vacation. To make things easier when you plan your next trip, we’ve listed the following tips which you can use to find the best hotel offers in Sri Lanka

1. Follow Hotels on Social Media

The easiest way to do this is to follow your favourite hotels on popular social media platforms. Get in touch with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage with them. Hotels use these platforms to get in touch with their customers and stay connected. Check often to hear about their latest promotions, as soon as they are announced.

2. Subscribe to Hotel Newsletters

If you are not a fan of having your social media feeds clogged up with all your hotels, visit their websites and signup for their newsletter. Email marketing is a low-cost marketing method which is widely used by many companies, including hotels. Being on their email list is a fast and easy way to figure out the latest offers and promotions. If all else fails, make a quick phone call to see if the hotel is offering a flash deal.

3. Visit Hotel Booking / Deal Websites

Popular travel booking sites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com and Agoda are popular options. Check and see the rates provided on these travel sites. View these sites to see which is the best offer going around based on the dates you wish to travel. Once you’ve seen the rates, get in touch with the hotel directly and ask if they can match the price if you book directly. The property is likely to agree and may offer you a lower rate or give you additional perks.

4. Use your Credit Cards / Air Miles/ Mobile Providers

Credit cards generally offer special rates and/or points if their cardholders visit certain hotels during a specific time. The same goes for customers who are frequent flyers of a particular airline or are heavy users on their mobile phones. These companies provide various offers and/or points, which can be utilized at hotels. Call your bank/phone company or airline and ask where your points can be redeemed.

5. Go Last Minute

If you are travelling on the go and need a place to relax in style, you can always take a chance and visit a hotel or call and ask if they have free rooms late in the day. If hotels have spare rooms and you arrive late, you may be fortunate and get a premium room for a better rate. This option may not always work, so be mindful when you consider this idea.

6. Check Package Deals

Travel packages are a great option if you have a particular set of needs. Visit websites of tour guides or get in touch over the phone as these providers offer transport, hotel stays, guides and excursions to popular tourist hotspots. Bundling all of the necessary activities can help ease the stress of planning out, and also provide you with some great discounts.

7. Be Flexible with Travel Dates

If you are flexible about when you travel, consider travelling during the offseason, when the majority of customers are not around. Hotels will be more likely to offer more competitive rates, and you may be lucky enough to get the hotel pool to yourself.