First Date Ideas in Colombo

first date ideas in colombo

Over the years, Colombo has grown as a city and in the process, the number of dating options have increased as well. In this list, we focus on a list of date ideas in Colombo, aside from dining, going to the movies or visiting various shopping centres.

1) Jogging

For the athletically minded who want a change in pace, jogging is a healthy way to exercise and break the ice. Diyawanna Oya or Parliament grounds in Kotte, Viharamahadevi Park or Independence Square in Colombo are good places to break into a sweat as you get to know each other. End your date with a refreshing drink at a nearby cafe, tea shop or coffee house as you unwind with a cup of your favourite beverage.

2) Visit the Planetarium

Since its opening in 1965, the planetarium is a good way to escape the heat and take a trip of the universe. The show consists of a lesson about the planets and sun, solar system and star constellations and lasts about an hour. This is a good way to spend time as you gain a better understanding of the big picture-the universe which you are both a part of.

3) Coffee Dates

Coffee/Tea dates are popular in Colombo. There’s nothing like relaxing indoors over a cup of coffee or tea as you get to know each other. Consider visiting The Kingsbury’s High Tea in Colombo for a different type of date, as you savour decadent scones and various high tea delights which melt in your mouth.

4) Picnics

Picnics can be a low budget date option if you plan it well. Grab a large blanket, and fill a basket with sandwiches and fruit. Relax at Viharamahadevi Park or Galle face promenade as you get to know each other better. Alternatively, if you would like to move around, take a walk as you admire the sights and sounds of nature secretly tucked in the concrete jungle that is Colombo.

5) Sunsets at Galle Face

Relax with your date by taking a nice, romantic stroll along Galle Face or watch the sunset. The ambience is relaxing as children play, vendors sell their wares and the rays of the sun illuminate your significant other as you spend time together.