What is ‘Brunch’?

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Sunday brunch is getting quite popular among people nowadays. People do go out for brunch, which a number of restaurants in Colombo offers, but most don’t know what exactly brunch is and how it came about. The term ‘brunch’ is a portmanteau word which combines ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’. Brunch can be seen served between 11am and 3pm.

Brunch originated in Britain, around the 19th century and later spread on to United States as well. This concept was first introduced specially for Saturday night carousers, who usually has a hard time getting up in the following morning. Brunch is at a time that allows them to sleep in and still enjoy a hearty meal. This can be applied to the modern days as well, given that Saturday night party-goers are increasing by the day. Brunch definitely makes everyone’s day better. Not only the night-owls, but this also allows people who have odd eating times to eat a good meal without feeling too self-conscious about it.

At many hotels and restaurants, they offer brunch as a buffet. The à la carte version is also available, but as the choices are more in a buffet, most prefer the buffet. Brunch is usually served with an alcoholic drink on the side, mainly champagne or maybe a cocktail. (Perhaps not the best choice given this concept was originally created for hungover people after a night of partying.) Nowadays, anyone and everyone can go enjoy brunch and is now mostly done as an outing or a get together. Pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sausages, pies, pastries, fruit, tarts and such are popular at brunch.

Brunch is now prepared for special occasions as well. For example, a family occasion, a wedding, birthday party, etc. Maybe brunch has lost its original meaning, yet it has garnered a new one which ultimately puts a smile on people’s face and bring people together.