Choose a Rooftop Bar for Your Next Outing

CE LA VI - Rooftop bar Colombo

Rooftop bars are among the best destinations that allow people to get away from the tensions of their day. Numerous pressures are a part of our day to day lives and these tensions leave a significant mark on us at the end of the day. If you are stressed out all day at work, the first thing you want at the end of the day is go for a drink with your friends. The idea of having it on a roof top makes people think a little bit differently making them much more carefree.

There is no argument that typical bars are also a popular option and nice to spend time in, but on a beautiful warm night , a rooftop bar will be the best option that would boost your spirits. On such a day there would be no denying that a rooftop bar is the best choice for you. Looking at setting sun, and stars appearing one by one, enjoying the cool fresh air while having a cocktail will be the perfect way to cool down after a strenuous day .
Rooftop bars are growing in popularity. These sky-high spaces seem to be attracting customers as people tend to search for unique experiences, and most hotels are really successful in creating lively and relaxing rooftop space that attracts guests and visitors all year-round.

While the sun beams down on the beautiful city of Colombo , you might find yourself searching for something new and exciting to do or a chic place for you and your friends to spend the afternoon. That’s where rooftop bars come in. Rooftop bars provide all the fun of a bar with the perks of the beautiful outdoors.

There is no denying that typical bars are a fun way to spend your night, but on a warm day, do you really want to spend the beautiful day inside a dark ordinary bar? If the answer is no, then a rooftop bar is the right choice for you. Embraced by the golden rays of setting sun, and just enjoying the fresh air while enjoying your cocktails, you will soon feel cooled down and all the tensions will melt away in no time.

As you all know, last year CÉ LA VI Colombo sprang in to action. With CÈ LA VI’s renowned cuisine, tasteful music and magnificent views, this is undoubtedly a great addition to best pubs in Colombo. You can enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience and perfect cocktails while live music keep your heartbeat up and you would definitely feel that there is no need to go elsewhere.