Themes for Your Special Day

Colombo Wedding Hotels

A wedding is probably one of the most happiest yet also most stressful occasions in one’s life. One of the most worried aspects of a wedding is what decorations to put up, what colours to use and the basic vibe that you want for your wedding. Nowadays, most couples opt to have a theme for their wedding.

Here are some of the most loved themes for a wedding:

1. Rustic

Rustic theme is probably the most famous theme for any kind of a celebration. For weddings, it is one of the most loved. The rustic theme will allow you to explore your artistic side and create a very homey atmosphere that is not only fun and laid back, but also elegant as well.

2. Beach

If you’d like to have an outdoor wedding, a beach wedding is a good choice. Not only will it be beautiful and different, but also you will have a natural backdrop that will look gorgeous in your photos.

3. Garden

A garden wedding is also a very good choice for an outdoor wedding. The natural sunlight and the surrounding greenery will add a different kind of beauty to your special day.

4. Winter Wonderland

This is another extremely popular theme. The whole wedding hall can be covered in white with white curtains, white decorations and more. A lot of the wedding halls in Colombo will be able to accommodate a theme like this and make your dream wedding come true.

5. Vintage

If you are a fan of the olden days, this is the perfect wedding theme for you. Make the theme vintage and decorate your wedding venue with antiques. You can even make the wedding invitation like the good old days!