Different types of cuisine in Colombo

Most Sri Lankans do like to gather their friends or family and go for high tea. There are many places that serve high tea in Colombo ranging from restaurants to five star hotels. However, what exactly is high tea and how did it come about?

High tea was first originated in Northern England and Southern Scotland. Initially afternoon tea in itself was a mini meal given that people used to have dinner around 8pm. It was the upper class that could afford tea as it was expensive even during that time. For the working class people, affording tea as well as supper was hard. Therefore, their evening tea evolved and became high tea, which included in addition to tea, bread, crackers, vegetables, pies, meat, etc.

The term ‘high tea’ came about because this ‘mini meal’ was had at a table. Usually, afternoon tea was had at a lower sitting area such a sofa or a couch.

After some time, even the upper class adapted the habit of having high tea with more extravagant food. This was specially done when their servants were away and high tea was an easy meal to prepare by themselves.

Most countries in the world have high tea menus as that attracts a lot of customers. Even in London, where it all originated, some hotels have high tea menus to attract foreigners.