Ways to Travel While Sightseeing in Colombo

Travelling in Peak Season Some Useful Tips

Sri Lanka is, simply put, a small, beautiful island in the Indian ocean. It’s one of the most popular tourist spots as well as a frequent stop for businessmen. For tourists and businessmen alike, Colombo is one of the main cities they spend time in. Walking around, doing some shopping, visiting the museum, stepping into one of the many restaurants in Colombo to quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger, or enjoy the night life: there’s a lot you can do in this city.

Sri Lanka may be small, and Colombo may just be one part of the country, but getting around can be a bit of a hassle. Here are some of the ways you can get around in Colombo easily.

Taking the Bus: Admittedly, not the most comfortable mode of transfer, but it is certainly the cheapest! You can ask anyone you meet on the road which bus to take to get to your destination and they will be more than happy to help. When the traffic rush is not high, the bus is actually a pretty relaxing way to travel.

Hailing a Tuk: A three-wheeler, also known as a tuk tuk is one of the most common ways to get around in the city. You can simply hail one from the road and it is better to make sure that they have a meter running. Otherwise, there’s chance they’ll rob you of your money, especially if you are a foreigner!

Taking the Train: The train is also one of the fastest ways to get around in Colombo. It can be a little packed during the mornings and the afternoons, but the journey will be shorter than taking the bus.

Hail a Taxi: If you are looking for a more comfortable way to travel around, you can always take a taxi! There are agencies that you can call such as Kangaroo cabs. There are also apps such as Pick Me or Uber. This method is definitely more comfortable and the chances of getting lost is very less.