What Makes a Great Bar

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A tiring day after work, maybe a Friday night, you gather all your work buddies and decide to go out for a drink. The question always lies with where to go. No doubt that everyone wants to go to a good bar. But what makes a bar good?

Well, simply put, it’s not only about what you drink. What makes a great bar is the atmosphere, the food, the service, the snacks, hygiene and well, of course, the drinks.

The atmosphere of the bar is one of the key things that attract customers. A great atmosphere is also hard to create. One of the most important things is the lighting of the place. Bright lights are not the way to go. It kills the atmosphere. It shouldn’t be too dark to the point where people can’t even see each other properly. A nice, warm lighting that isn’t too bright on the eyes is the perfect way to go.

A great bar should also have good music. Most pubs in Colombo have live bands that play music. This is quite nice and better than having a DJ. The band should know how to play songs that set the mood and they should also take care not to play too loudly and disrupt the patrons.

Friendly service is a must have for a great bar. The guests should be welcomed with a warm smile and the bartender should also be a good conversationalist. After all, a lot of people do come to a bar to simply have a drink and vent their frustrations. The guests should be attended to at all times, without it being too disturbing.

Having a clean, hygienic place also attracts more customers. At a bar, the chance of spilled drinks and food crumbs is something inevitable. Therefore, it’s important to keep the place clean. Not only the tables and floors, but having a clean bathroom will also make people want to come back again.

Having affordable, yet good food is another huge plus. Snacks and meals quickly become popular among frequent visitors. Also, if you can get dinner at the same place, the chances of more guests coming increases. Why go to two places when you can drink and have dinner at the same place?

And last, but not the least, it’s always great when bars have special deals for drinks! For example ‘buy one get one free’ and ‘ladies night’. Having a good variety and non-alcoholic options for drivers and pregnant women, or even people who simply do not like alcohol, will attract more customers. Having coffee available is also a plus.