Things To Know Before Selecting a Wedding Venue in Sri Lanka

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The wedding planning period can be one of the most stressful times in a couple’s life. The desire to make a perfect event adds so much pressure, and it will be a struggle as the couple will have to keep all parties happy. Right at the front and center of this, comes choosing a wedding venue.

Starting from the classic wedding halls in Colombo, to tropical beach venues down South, there are unlimited options for wedding venues nowadays.

Look around and gather information on your potential wedding venue before you commit. You do not want any surprises on your wedding day. Find out what previous couples that have used venues have to say about it. Double-check reliability. There are many wedding groups and forums where people will be more than happy to share their experiences.

There are so many things that can go wrong when choosing a wedding venue for your most important day, but following just a few of these tips will ensure that you’ve covered all your bases before making the final commitment.

First you have to choose your wedding date. Wedding dates can be important for a variety of reasons. If you can be flexible with your date and choose an off-season month, you’ll be able to secure the venue at a lower rate. For example, you’d likely pay less for a wedding in February than you would for one in June. The rime of year, day of the week, and the length of the function will all affect the cost significantly.

The date is also important when checking availability of shortlisted venues. If you select a well-liked venue, dates can book up quickly, and therefore, calling around to check on date availability before going to see places in person will save plenty of time. Picking a venue that is the right size for your festivities is equally essential when planning your wedding and reception. The last thing you want to do is have your guest crammed in the space because your venue was too small for the group you are inviting. Therefore, have a more or less accurate guest count in mind when shopping around.

There are hundreds venues to choose from for your wedding, and some will be more attractive, nevertheless, you can’t forget the reality, that every venue will not fit right within your budget. Decide what you can afford per head  for just the venue before contacting venues as this will avoid the disappointment of wanting a wedding venue you cannot afford. Remember, you have a lot more expenses apart from just the wedding venue such as hair and makeup, outfit, jewelry, decorations, and so so much more.

Most couples these days are opting for a wedding with a specific theme. Check carefully and ask questions to determine whether your selected venue will cater to your selected theme. Whether it is designed to handle such a wedding ceremony and well-equipped with basic equipment like the appropriate chairs, tables, and linen. Then you will be able to decide what items you will have to rent, get delivered and set up. Also check if the venue has suitable props for your intended decorations. If you want beautiful drapes on the ceiling, ask the venue staff if it is possible and allowed.

Parking facility is most important yet overlooked thing. Is there adequate parking for all of your guests? If not, find whether nearby parking lots are available as you don’t want your guests wandering the streets looking for parking, missing the best part of the ceremony.

If you plan to have an outdoor reception, are there back-up plans in the event of an unexpected weather condition? Be sure to find out whether there are any options in the event it rains. Most places during a wedding season will not have other spaces that you can run into and you’ll need to organize a tent/marquee or some back-up plan.

Don’t book the first venue you see. You may be busy or want to get it over with, yet, you better see at least three places that may be a good fit for your budget and style, and then take pictures so that you can write down the pros and cons of each one, later on. it will make the process easier and more practical.