Staying Fit and Healthy During a Vacation

Vacation Health Tips

Vacations are valuable, which is why you should take care of your health during your vacation and limit chances that could ruin it. Vacations are supposed to be cheery, active days where you de-stress and unwind from daily problems. Being exposed to a new country can make it all too easy for you to get sick. Here are some ways to minimize your chances of falling ill on your next overseas holiday:

Frequently wash your hands no matter where you are

Hand washing minimizes your risk of catching colds and other illnesses. When your travels take you to a place where clean water and soap aren’t readily available you can use a hand sanitizer. Hand washing is a must after going to the bathroom, blowing your nose, after traveling in public transport, and before eating. You should avoid touching your face, nose, and mouth, after washing your hands.

Eat wisely

A vacation makes you want to treat yourself to all the things you normally don’t have at home. Sampling a country’s cuisine goes hand in hand with seeing its sights. To avoid overeating at buffets, make just one plate for that meal, and stick to it. Go to the salad bar first and fill half the plate with fruit and veggies. That will be the most filling and nutritious part of your plate. Stick to mainly proteins, and the remaining part of the plate can have a choice of carbs such as bread, potatoes, or whole grains.

Drink only bottled water

Coffee and hot tea will mostly be safe because the water is boiled for preparation but other than that, you should not use water from the tap for drinking even if you think the place has reliable water. It’s always wise to use bottled water and make sure you carry a sufficient supply if you go hiking, jungle trekking etc.

Getting vaccines are necessary before you take off.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Depending on your destination it’s advisable to get vaccines, such as for hepatitis, typhoid or yellow fever. Some vaccinations require a series of shots and it’s advisable to talk to your family doctor in advance without waiting till the last moment.

Stay fit during your vacation

Hiring a bike is a great idea if you stay in one place a few days. It’s as good as walking, and makes you cover longer distances. If you are on a budget this will particularly be useful as it will minimize your cab fare. You can cross the city in every possible direction and even venture out into forests and away from the city. It will be pure bliss. Apart from this you can always use the fitness centre of your hotel.