Pubs in Colombo

CE LA VI - Rooftop bar Colombo
Image: TimeOut

Picking a pub is not such a simple thing as we would normally think. The nearest one may not necessarily be your first choice. The combination of the right cocktails, the staff, the food and the ambiance make a pub a wonderful place.

In every city, there are many interesting pub traditions, some even weird but wonderful. Pubs are often frequented by regulars and pub traditions are what keep pubs alive.

Colombo is home to some of the most fascinating old pubs. Whether you want to visit an old cozy establishment or an ultra-modern one, there is a pub in Colombo for you.

Traditional pubs have still has so much to offer while modern bars are a preferred choice of younger generations. While both have a lot going for them, the choice completely depends on your mood, your preferences and the crowd you go out with. If you are looking for a good pub then there are certain things that you probably want from it, but if you are unsure what makes a good pub, then where do you start?

The choice will depend on whether you visit the pub solo or with a group of friends, with your partner or with a business associate. Each of these will call for a different choice. A single person might just want to have a drink in peace, while those who are in with a group of friends might want plenty of live entertainment. If you are visiting with your partner you would definitely want a glamorous place with a trendy setting. In short, each occasion opts for a different setting.

Colombo has steadily risen to the top of Asia’s most charming capitals. Colombo now boasts an impressive amount of dazzling bars and nightlife venues. Why not brighten up your experience in Colombo with a classy cocktail and magnificent views over the Indian Ocean? Rooftop bars in Colombo have become very popular among youth and options are varied.

With a stunning sunset view and located in the sophisticated Kingsbury Hotel, CE LA VI exudes so much class and has been admired as one of the most striking hangouts in the city. It attracts a cool collection of people all coming to get a taste of the marvelous cocktails and some exceptional snacks.