Different Types of Cuisine in Colombo

Different types of cuisine in Colombo

Sri Lanka offers a very good range of dining options, from high-end restaurants in Colombo which require reservations, decent cafes and food chains to mount-watering street food. When talking about street food, Kottu (which comes in many different varieties such as chicken, beef, pork, egg, vegetable, cheese, and even chocolate)  and tasty egg hoppers are two things that you should miss while in Sri Lanka.

Everybody loves to try traditional Sri Lankan food when traveling in Sri Lanka and you can get the classic rice and curry dishes on almost every street corner. Even some modest places offer tasty rice and curry buffet at unbelievably affordable prices. Fresh fruit and traditional Sri Lankan sweets are other awesome treats which would rouse your taste buds.

Indian restaurants are immensely popular apart from Sri Lankan ones in Colombo. Sri Lankans don’t seem to get enough of the masala, tikka and buttery naans of Northern India or the dosa, sambar and different vades of the South. There are a whole load of places in Colombo that do Indian food and prices are incredibly cheap.

Out of many places in Colombo that offer food, Chinese food outlets will definitely take you by surprise. Chinese food outlets are everywhere but most places sell limited varieties such as chicken fried rice and Sweet Corn and Chicken soup. If you are after an authentic Chinese experience, it’s essential to step into a Chinese restaurant of a star class hotel. Such places are sure to give you a great fine dining experience.

Colombo has a number of Japanese restaurants as well. Their menu isn’t quite as extensive as those in Japan but they make up for it with some delicious, specialized Sushi and some other Japanese specialties. Japanese food is not as popular as Chinese or Indian among Sri Lanka, due to stereotypes and misconceptions about the usage of raw fish in sushi and sashimi.

Compared to other countries, Colombo has startlingly few Middle Eastern restaurants, yet the few available places are quite good, offering tasty Hummus, Shawarma, Arabic Bread, Kabsa and Kebabs.

In addition to the above, there are also places that sell traditional Korean dishes, Italian food such as pizza, Mexican food and many more. Sri Lanka is home to some pretty amazing food. There are plenty of things which are common to all Sri Lankans, regardless of which community they’re from like rice and vegetable curries, Pol Sambol, Ambulthiyal etc. There are also dishes which are special to each ethnic community on our little island. If you haven’t had any of these while vacationing here, it’s time you started.