Family Day Outing Ideas in Colombo

Featured Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Most of us take immense pleasure in spending relaxed and joyful moments with our families. While your travel agent may have some interesting places lined up for you to visit, it will also be a pleasure for you to make your own choices based on the preferences of your family members.

Take your family on an exciting outing by opting for some simple family outings in and around Colombo. When planning a day trip there is an important fact to remember: you should not select a faraway destination. Ideally, it should not be more than one or maximum two hours of travel time. Otherwise long hours on the road with little ones can be more stressful rather than relaxing.

The following destinations have something special to offer for both the young and the old.

Spend a few hours at one of the wetland parks in Colombo

Wetland Park in Colombo
Source: Lanka Travel Directory

A day spent at a wetland is an extremely educational experience. It’s fun to hang out, learning about the biological importance those places hold, observing creatures in their natural habitat, learning to identify various plants and flowers. Aththidiya, Baddagana and Diyasaru wetland parks located within the city are known for providing shelter to different species of birds. This includes both travelling and native birds. In these parks you will be able to witness a large number of butterflies, water monitors, insects and birds. The lush greenery surrounding the foot paths in these sanctuaries add natural charm to the place. You can visit any of these parks throughout the day but early mornings and evenings are best to view birds. Between the months of December and January, you can see beautiful migratory birds.

These parks consist of marshlands, artificially-created ponds, wooden walkways, observation decks, places to have picnics, benches to sit and relax on, wooded areas, ponds children can get into, and even some dinghy boats that can be used to explore the lakes. A butterfly garden in Diyasaru park adds so much colour to the place, and these beautiful ones fly everywhere adding life to the beautiful garden. It’s wonderful to observe them flying from flower to flower.

Take a Boat Ride from Colombo to Negombo

Hamilton Canal Negombo to Colombo
Source: Me With My Suitcase

Take a day trip from Colombo or Negombo in the Hamilton canal to experience a tropical countryside and to witness the village life of fishermen. It would be great if you choose to go upstream on the remarkable Maha Oya river to experience a tropical countryside boat trip. You can stop at a sandy beach for a swim in the fresh water and make a stop at one of the river or beach resort restaurants along the way for a fresh seafood meal. If the sea conditions are right, you can get your tour operator to make the return trip by Sea.

Visiting a Rural Village Close to Colombo

Visit a Village in Sri Lanka
Source: Retreat Network

This can be a truly marvelous experience which gives the best opportunity to connect with rural Sri Lankan people, leaning about their simple lifestyles, culture and customs. It will be wonderful to observe calm Sri Lankan country side. You can take a walk through the country and see secluded places. Smiling Sri Lankan rural people are warm and kind-hearted. In the home of such person, you may even get an opportunity to do the things the locals do, just like they do it themselves and eat simple home-cooked meals, take a river bath, climb trees, visit a village temple and cross the streams.

The list of possibilities for day outing in Colombo is so long you might want to stay for longer.