A Few Hotel Etiquette Rules Which Will Add More Joy To Your Stay

Hotel Etiquette Rules Sri Lanka
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Holidays bring wonderful moments of relaxation and a lifetime of memories of different locations and experiences.

A holiday is not only staying at different hotels in different countries, but learning different cultures and customs.

In order to maintain an air of delight and amicability at any hotel, we must follow some generally-accepted hotel etiquette rules of correct conduct, which are based on courtesy and respect for others. Hotel Etiquette is part of being well-mannered and knowing correct behavior.

• Try your best to check in at appropriate times and if you arrive early, be patient until the room is ready

• Say “Thank You” to the bell boy and do not forget to tip, and at the same time be nice to the reception staff. Don’t forget that your kindness makes somebody’s day brighter.

• If you are bringing small kids, don’t let them run around and make a mess, and it is also unsafe to let kids run around unattended.

• If you are going to your room at very early or late hours, be thoughtful of other guests and do not make noise.

• Do not talk so loud and watch out for your TV volume: people in the adjoining room may be trying to sleep.

• Do not make a mess in your room. It’s not nice to leave garbage on the floor or spill water everywhere.

• If you are unhappy with your room, service, staff or food, do not make a scene. You can always explain your points and concerns calmly, if needed you can request to talk to the management. Don’t forget that bad words, cursing or yelling will only degrade you.

• If you are planning to have meals in your room, it is better to make your order in advance. It will give the kitchen time to prepare and reduce your waiting time.

• If you have a mini bar in your room, do not make a mess in it. Also, do not forget that you are being charged for the things you use.

• If you need to check out in a rush, let the reception know well in advance when you need to check out so they can accommodate you.

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