Important Telephone Numbers To Carry During International Travel

Important Telephone Numbers To Know While Traveling
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It’s very important to stay connected when you embark on international travel. Cell phones allow you to chat with family and friends back home, take photos and post on social media, and search for best attractions while abroad. If you get lost, maps will direct you to the correct place and you may need to translate languages and convert currencies.

Emergencies too can happen during your travel. No one expects emergencies but you can be ready for many of them by carrying important phone numbers with you. You may want to write them down in a small diary and keep them in your wallet or you may just save them in your phone. Doing both is very useful in case you lose either your diary or phone.

• It’s very important to have the contact details of your country’s consulate or embassy. Carry the address of these as well. They will be your most important contact for dealing with any serious problems when you’re in a foreign country.

• The contact number of the person who is picking you up from the airport. It’s stressful to keep wondering what will happen once you have arrived in the foreign country. Make sure you have this number on hand to keep your ride informed of any changes in the itinerary or in case you need to track them down after you arrive.

• The emergency services number of the country in which you’re traveling; track down the emergency services numbers before you leave. In Sri Lanka it’s 119.

• Phone number of your bank or credit card company. If you lose your wallet with all your credit and ATM cards, you’ll need these numbers in order to keep the bank alerted.

• Your hotel’s front desk number. Not only phone numbers, you should carry its address, as well, in case you need to give it to a taxi driver or ask for directions.

Most hotels you are staying at will have the above information on hand for its guests, especially most hotels in Colombo who cater to more business travelers for whom convenience is of the utmost priority.