General Safety Tips For Traveling

Sri Lanka Travel Safety Tips
Photo by Vinta Supply Co. | NYC from Pexels

Travelling internationally is very exciting. When going abroad, you get to see beautiful locations and experience different cultures. Yet many people are wary of international travel, fearing that it is dangerous. For the most part, traveling throughout the world is very safe but there are safety precautions that every traveler should take to ensure that their trip remains a cheerful one.

Thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong can be overwhelming. But knowing that you have thought ahead and prepared as best as you could will give you a sense of power.

Here are a few safety tips for you:

1. Make Electronic Copies of Your Documents

You’ll be carrying various documentation with you when traveling abroad. Create electronic copies of all important documents such as Passports, Plane Tickets, Medical Records, Medical Insurance Card, Travelers’ Insurance and Visas. You can email the file to yourself and keep it in your inbox so you can access the information from your smartphone should the paperwork be lost, damaged or simply required. It’s advisable to have a local mobile connection to access local mobile data and local telephone number; having an appropriate power bank with you will ensure that you will never be stranded without a convenient form of communication.

2. Keep Photos of Your Family With You

Have a picture of each child on your phone before you go out touring in a crowded location. If a kid gets lost, it will be a lot easier to find him or her if you have a clear close-up image, and to be able to show what they are wearing.

3. Don’t Carry Everything Together

Do not place your credit cards, cash, ID cards, and passport all in the same place thinking it will be easier to keep everything in your wallet. Separate items you must carry on you and carry them in different spots on your person. This safety tip prevents you from losing everything should somebody steal your wallet.

4. Be Properly Insured

Many people think that they do not need insurance. Your health insurance might offer you some international coverage. Your belongings need to be insured, too, Make sure that you, your family members and everything you are taking on the trip is properly insured before leaving

5. Get relevant information

Get the addresses and phone numbers of your country’s embassy and other useful local places during your travel. Getting contact numbers of local police stations and other organizations would also be very helpful in case of unexpected emergencies.

6. Be careful where you carry cash

Always have some local cash with you in a hidden pocket, in case you need immediate cash for a quick taxi ride or something similar. Do not carry too much cash in your wallet and never be showy when you pay. If you have a wallet keep it in your front pants pocket instead of in the back pocket.

7. Connect with your embassy

Get the addresses and phone numbers of your country’s embassy before your arrival to the foreign country. For some countries, it is possible to register with your embassy online, ahead of travel. Once you have done this, if there arises any kind of natural disaster or any other conflict, the embassy will know that you are in the country, which is the first step in being able to offer assistance.

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