Far More Than Just a Market

The Good Market Sri Lanka
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The Good Market is a global community of social enterprises and businesses that are good for people and the planet. In Sri Lanka, the Good Market coordinates weekly market events.

A weekly festival of natural foods, organic products, non-toxic housewares and garden supplies, fair trade crafts, live entertainment, and much more, Good market is an ideal place to meet and connect with people.

It’s also a great option for weekly family outings and as a place to feed your family with healthy natural food. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables, natural food and snacks and fresh juices are available there.

In addition to food products, many other organic and nontoxic products, art, live music, entertainment for kids and adults are available there.

Good Market Sri Lanka
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Sri Lankan traditional sweets made using traditional rice varieties, natural sweeteners, and unrefined coconut oil, certified organic coconut products and spices, organic tea, handmade jewelry and artwork all made from upcycled and sustainably sourced materials, bird nests, bird houses and home decor made from discarded wood and natural materials, bags, pouches, wallets made using rice sacks and other discarded, non-degradable materials, products and treatments based on ayurvedic principles, various products made using ekel, coconut, Palmyra, reed, and bamboo and indoor plants are some of the interesting items available in good market.

Shopping at Good Market Sri Lanka
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The Good Market happens every Saturday from 10am to 6pm at Colombo Racecourse, which is only 15 mins away from the popular Colombo hotels. The items available at good market are a real value for money and different from what is commonly available in most other places.