Travelling With An Infant

Traveling with Babies
Image: Pixabay

Some parents think traveling with infants is a nightmare and they don’t even think of looking at a travel brochure until their kids become toddlers. Some parents consider it as a challenge and willing to go through it.

Here are a few challenges parents are likely to face and a few tips…

Have Space In Your Travel Bag

In this time and age, anything can be ordered online so it is a good idea to order things like baby diapers, baby wipes, baby food cans or milk online and arrange to have it on the day you arrive. It will give you an opportunity to travel lighter. Also, you can call the hotel’s front desk and ask what gear you can rent during your stay. It’s much better and convenient than having a baby goods store in your luggage.

Research for Babysitters online or talk to the hotel about babysitting arrangements

Exploring new grounds with your loving baby is fantastic, but in every vacation there comes “only adult” times. Finding a sitter in an unfamiliar city is not an easy task. But thanks to modern technology its not difficult to find a sitter and check her credentials well in advance. Also you can get your travel agents or hotel staffs to help arranging these things.

Prepare Your Bottles

If your baby is bottle-fed, you need to think ahead how to prepare it during your trip. You must have baby formula with you during the plane trip and you can ask flight attendant for warm water. Once you are in the hotel, use the in-room jug kettle for your hot water needs. You can make cereal also and sanitize baby bottles by heating them in the jug kettle.

Control Crying

It’s true that your baby’s crying could be annoying for most of the other passengers but as long as you’re attempting to comfort your tiny baby who is not expected to be adjusted to flying, most people will be understanding. After all we are all human, aren’t we? If all attempts fail, you can briskly move to the back of the plane where the roar of the engine drowns out wails. The steady, stimulating noise can also help calm baby down. You can move back to your seat once the little one has calmed down.

Whether or Not to Buy a Ticket for the Baby

If your child is under the age of two, you don’t have to purchase a plane ticket. This can save money, but it also means your child has to sit on your lap for the entire flight. If you want a relaxing journey you have an option of purchasing a separate ticket for your baby

A Crib

Many hotels offer cribs in the room and this you’d definitely need to check ahead of time, and even then, when a hotel is extra busy and full, they may not have any left available when you arrive, so make sure to have it noted on your reservation that you need one.

Most hotels in Colombo are well-equipped to accommodate parties which include a baby. Make sure to mention it on your reservation as well as on check-in and the staff would only be too happy to make sure your little one is a happy traveler.