Ape Gama (Our village): Village Life Comes Alive Here

Ape Gama - Sri Lankan Traditional Village
Image: Sri Lankan Expeditions

Located in a calm place close to Battaramulla, “Ape Gama” (Our Village) is a replica of traditional old day Sri Lankan village life. Ape Gama exhibits traditional trades, village lifestyle and how Sri Lankan society functioned in old days. You will most probably get the chance to listen to an old Village Man describe the lifestyle of ancient Sri Lanka in an exciting manner and may see a snake charmer.

Ape Gama is considered a very good place for school children and for foreigners who love to see and experience the traditional Sri Lankan lifestyle.

Ape Gama Colombo Sri Lanka
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There are several mud houses representing the residences of the people of importance in the old village life such as the village Headman, the blacksmith, the weaver, the potter, the ayurvedic doctor (Weda Mahattaya), and the drummer. Visitors will get the chance to witness live clay-pot making, wood carving techniques, handmade items. The most popular activity in this place is being able to check out how traditional Sri Lankan sweets such as Kavum, Kokis, Asmee, Unduwal are being prepared. Those who love these sweetmeats can buy and taste them.

In addition to the displays, there are several stores, where you can see how traditional Sri Lankan craftsman create various items and buy some if you are interested.

Traditional Village Experience in Sri Lanka
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You should not miss to go take a look at Ape Gama. Ape Gama is located approximately 12km away from the main hotels in Colombo – our helpful team at the Kingsbury hotel will assist you in arranging a visit.