The Gleaming White Dawatagaha Mosque

Dawatagaha Mosque in Sri Lanka

The Dewatagaha mosque is one of the more well-known mosques in Colombo for its attractive exterior. Located near Colombo Town Hall, the mosque is visited by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Most people find the mosque is beautiful to look at, gleaming with white walls and green creepers grow around parts of mosque towers. Not only that, you can see hundreds of pigeons at the entrance. They always come back no matter where they fly over and guest find a lovely time feeding them.

Dawatagaha Mosque in Colombo

Entering the mosque premises, you will notice an oil lamp with a crescent and star on it, and a few metal bars around which pieces of cloth are tied. In front of this is a door to the shrine of Usman.

The most wonderful thing is men, women and children, of different faiths, coming here to pay respect to the shrine, sometimes bringing flowers, tying requests in the form of knots to the metal bars (a ritual common to other religions in Sri Lanka too). According to the Muslim faith, women are not permitted to enter the shrine room.

The gleaming white Dewatagaha mosque is located at Town Hall, and is approximately 5km away from The Kingsbury Hotel and other Colombo hotels.