A Unique Sweet and Sour Delicacy You Should Taste in Sri Lanka

Wood Apples Sri Lanka
Image: Sri Lanka Luxury Tours

Wood Apple

A trip to Sri Lanka would not be complete if you miss tasting some delicacies.

The wood apple is a Southeast Asian fruit looks like a small coconut. It also has a hard shell, and an unusual kind of aroma. In some parts of the world, Wood apple is called elephant apple because it is a favorite food of elephants. It is believed it got its name “wood apple” because of its hard wood-like shell.

The wood apple tree is native to India but also found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other regions in the southern part of Asia. As wood apple is considered holy by Hindus it is widely cultivated and eaten in India.

Wood apple juice is a favorite beverage in Sri Lanka. People believe that wood apple is a good cure for many diseases including diabetes and has a positive effect on overall health.

How is it eaten?

Their shells are tough but the inside consists of a brownish pulp and small white seeds. The pulp can be eaten raw, but it is popularly scooped out and sweetened or made into jam. It can also be mixed with coconut milk for a delicious, healthy beverage or mix into an ice cream. It has a unique sour and sweet flavor.

Wood Apple Milk Sri Lanka
Source: WorldFood.Guide

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