Durian: Either You Will Love It or Hate It

Buy Durian in Sri Lanka
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The Portuguese brought Durian to Sri Lanka in the 16th century. The name comes from Malayasian word, “Duri” which means “thorn”.

Durian can be found at markets in almost every town in Sri Lanka but specially in the southern coast during the harvest season. Durians grow in the hill country as well but they are generally inferior to those grown in sunny parts.

Some people regard Durian as having a pleasantly sweet fragrance, whereas others find it as intense with an unpleasant smell.

Although often described as the smelliest fruit in the world, Durian is really custardy and sweet. The flesh doesn’t have the fruit’s aroma, just a trace of it.

Once you’ve sliced open the unwelcoming exterior and reached the fleshy part, you will find durian surprisingly easy to eat. Durian can be made into an excellent ice cream, or a cold milk shake

Durians in Sri Lanka
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You need special attention when growing Durian. The roots of the Durian plant are spread out below the ground. It cannot be grown in clay or stony soil. There has to be a good drainage system in soil.

While some durians contain generous amount of meaty segments, others can be sorely lacking in meat and these are the ones you find going cheap.

In Sri Lanka, you can buy a large Durian for 500 rupees.

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