Some Points You Must Consider When Packing Your Travel Bag

Some Points You Must Consider When Packing Your Travel Bag


What to pack and what not to pack? It’s the first thing comes to your mind when you open your travelling bag for packing before your vacation. Some of the items you would love to take with you might take up too much room in a suitcase and it might be best to leave those behind – but there are things that you must not left behind irrespective of their size. You need to learn to separate your essentials from your desirables, and be realistic about your luggage limitations.

Whether it be a resort-type of trip at Luxury Villas in Sri Lanka or a fancy weekend at one of the 5-star Hotels in Colombo, or even at a a sightseeing type of one which takes you all over the country, certain things are essential for any traveler. Most travelers are forced to undergo the trouble of purchasing these items even though they have them at home.


Who needs a backpack when you have a brand-new travelling bag? Well, you might not need a backpack at the airport but there will be a time to start exploring on your trip so not bringing one can turn out to be a big mistake. This usually leads to a traveler needing to go through the hassle of buying one in a strange country, despite the fact that they have several at home. Without a backpack how would you carry around a water bottle and things such as cameras, phones and snacks when you can easily place them in a backpack? In addition to a backpack, a small beach bag also might come in handy if your travel plan includes a stay near a beach.

Clothes suitable for the trip

Heading to a location with a warm climate? Yes, if it’s a tropical country. But is it right to only fill up your case with plenty of summer wear? A traveler needs to think and pack according to what the weather is going to be like. There is nothing more dampening than being surprised by rain for the entire week which can change your entire wardrobe requirement and lead to you needing to purchase a whole new set of clothing. Check the weather forecasts and pack accordingly.

Credit cards

You might feel that you will have no use of your credit card as you have sufficient cash with you but there is nothing worse than taking a trip with a strict budget in mind and no backup plan. Unexpected things can happen. You might want to indulge yourself in something out of your initial plan. In the event that a traveler runs out of funds it can ruin the entire trip experience. It can also cause a strain throughout the trip if you’re forced to concentrate on your spending habits. It would be best to have a cash budget while also bringing a credit card along as a backup plan. At the very least, a traveler can rest assured that everything is going to be okay even if the cash does run out.

Snacks from home

Snacks from home is not an absolute must, but a familiar treat always alter one’s mood. The “hangry” feeling is among the worst feelings to have at any point. Having a snack you are so used to, can easily change one’s mood whether it be while in the hotel room or at the airport waiting for your plane. If you are traveling to a foreign location with uncertain food options, make it a priority to pack snacks that you love.

Water Bottle

Water hydration is important when traveling. Pack a re-usable water bottle in your carry-on to keep your drinks cold as you go hiking or sightseeing in remote locations – load an insulated reusable bottle with ice before leaving your hotel room. If you are traveling to a cold climate, pack an empty insulated hot and cold mug to fill with steaming coffee or tea.

A convertible plug

It can be a nightmare in a foreign location to find out a phone charger doesn’t fit into the wall plug provided. Having a converter plug can put a traveler at ease, as it is not at all practical to be calling every hotel you might be staying at and ask what type of plugs they have.

A compact First Aid box

This is the most neglected thing when you plan travel. An injury or cut can occur quite suddenly while traveling. A sudden tummy upset or a muscle pain can occur at any time. Indulging in different cuisines can easily cause an indigestion problem. The last thing a traveler wants to do after a heavy meal is go out in search of some stomach relief. Familiar medicine and a first aid kit is not always available nearby, thus bringing your own becomes useful.

Copies of your travel documents

Losing travel documents in a foreign land can be a nightmare and it is always best to be prepared for it. Before traveling, get copies of passports, reservations, and credit cards, put them in a folder and keep it in your bag. Although these copies are not considered legal documents, they speed up the replacement process.