Let’s Fly a Kite: The National Kite Festival of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka National Kite Festival
Featured Image: The Unique Travel Company

Sri Lanka’s biggest kite festival was held at Galle Face Green recently. Located in the heart of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, the Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka is a magnificent place to witness a marvelous sunset over the Indian Ocean. The main attraction at Galle Face is its vast open space, the array of street food and the beautiful Indian Ocean stretched to eternity. Galle Face Green is where lots of people gather to play games or hang out. When the sun begins to set, Galle Face comes alive. People seem to come from everywhere, filling the space rapidly. Some come to jog for exercise, some come for the tasty food, some to play sports, and others are really just chilling out. The soft orange sunlight and the reflection off the ocean really relaxes you, but the main attraction here is kite flying.

This beautiful space is used for many recreational activities. The sky over the Sri Lankan capital came alive on Sunday, the 19th of August, with thousands of flying shapes of every shade, for the annual kite festival. Thousands of people flew almost 2,000 kites in the sky for the kite competition. Giant animals, dragons, birds and sailing ships were among the most spectacular kites flying in the air, all of which were handmade by the participants. This annual event attracts kite enthusiasts from across the globe.

The National Festival of Kites is the place where creativity comes alive. People from all age groups and backgrounds display their skill. Each kite is unique with a different shade and a different shape. This kite festival is open to all. The competition covers the longest kite, most innovative kite, kites made of natural resources and many others.

The atmosphere is filled with a great sense of excitement. You can even purchase a kite from the vendors and join right in. The Sri Lankan-style treats are waiting for you in stalls. This kite festival is absolutely a day full of many wonders…

Galle Face Green is a five minute journey from The Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo.