Some Ways to Document Your Journey in Sri Lanka

Ways to Document Your Travels in Sri Lanka
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Traveling is an achievement. It is a choice you make to come out of your comfort zone and explore yourself. Travelling makes you a different person. Every time you travel, you create a story of yourself to narrate to the world. You make a collection of memories to carry along your life’s journey. Most of all, you get a feeling that makes you different from before you started your journey. How you choose to re-live through those experiences means a lot. Here are some ways to document your journey.

We live in a digital world where there are some great options available to document our travels online. Of course, it is the most convenient and modern way, but some of us still love the old ways…


Diaries or notebooks are an old habit but they definitely need to make a comeback. Diaries are personal, but they are a great way to detail every aspect of what happened to you during the day. By allowing a mere 10 minutes at the end of your day to write down what happened, what emotions you felt, and new food you consumed, you can even pass it around to your friends, family and anyone else that would be interested to see what your travels were really like.. Keeping a journal will never get old in keeping memories. The joy of descriptive writing while you are sitting on a beautiful isolated spot, surrounded by mountains, is amazing. Even though there are ways to type and keep it digitally, the feeling of thinking and holding down the pen will give you a fantastic feeling.


Another age old method. Scrapbook is basically a book of blank pages that is used for sticking cuttings, drawings, or pictures in. A travel scrapbook is mainly focused on the pictures part. We know everything is digital these days that you can have pictures all over your laptop or phones. But to be physically able to touch your experiences is amazing as time passes by. So some of us prefer sticking few of the major pictures from a journey and few lines of their stories and turn pages on a lonely rainy day after many years.

Keep Phone Notes

Keeping phone notes can an efficient way of keeping small details from the visit. Little things like how you saw an amazing bird fly in front of you can be noted down and can be converted into a beautiful story from your visit later on. Such little things make you remember the place in a different way.

Make Videos

This is a most common thing to do while travelling. Taking pictures is common but we don’t make many videos. Compiling the small clips and turning it into a sort of small video can make you remember the journey. Videos are very entertaining and stories are well expressed.

Keep Souvenirs

Keeping souvenirs can be one of the most joyful ways to remember a place. A real physical thing carries lots of memories and stories connected to it. Things like bracelets or charms can be added each time you visit a new place. Anything of your choice from several places can tell several stories which will always be with you.

Write a Record of Characters You Meet

Some say that it’s the people you meet on the road who really make an adventure. You can write about many things and turn it into a beautiful journal. You can write about the people you meet, or even just who you observed. You can write about the kind lady who offered you a drink while you were crammed onto a crowded bus. You can write about the tour guide who teaches you about the country history. Someday it will invoke great memories.

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