Traveling With Kids

Travelling with Kids in Sri Lanka
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Traveling with children can be a scary event for adults, due to long packing lists, unpredictable schedules and cranky kids, away from their routines. Whether you’re hitting the road or flying the skies, the potential hassles are numerous. But we can arm you with some ideas and practical advice to help you plan the perfect holiday in Sri Lanka!

  • Pack one small bag that contains things needed for the first day. An extra change of clothes, toothbrushes , and anything else needed for you and your little ones on the first day and night. It will be much easier to grab that than go through the big suitcases.
  • Take your toddler’s favorite pillow, if there’s room. Kids like their own stuff and its very comforting for them, particularly at bedtime in a strange place. If your child is out of his car seat, he may nod off more easily if he puts the pillow against the window and rests his head against it.
  • Babies and toddlers drop, spill, and spit. Keep a roll of paper towels or a box of wipes within easy reach for easy cleanups. Keep a garbage bag handy too. This is a very important step if you are traveling with a baby.
  • Pack some snacks. Kids get touchy when they don’t have familiar things to eat. Also, food can be useful as kids miss their toys during travel. As adults know all too well, eating gives them something to do but be careful, as getting your kid stuffed may backfire. Make sure you pack some healthy food.
  • Get ready to beat the boredom of your kid… Be sure to load some kid favorites onto your iPad. New programmes they haven’t seen are a bonus. Kids often have a hard time with headphones, hence, make sure they’re comfortable before you go, and have at least one backup pair.
  • Build in extra time. You know how hard it is getting out the door in the morning with a baby? The same laws of nature apply to trips in the car. You’ll have to stop for feedings, diaper changes, and stretching breaks. You’ll be much less stressed if you accept that it may take twice as long to get there as it did in your pre-kid days and plan accordingly.
  • If possible, book a hotel that has an indoor pool. It may cost a little more, but it’s something to look forward to, and it will help your child sleep better.
  • If you do travel by air, put extra clothes in your hand luggage. Your baby may have a big diaper blowout on the plane.
Air Travel with Kids in Sri Lanka
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  • Pack each day’s outfits in different bags. It makes packing easier because you can keep track of how many days of clothes you have, after an outfit is worn, use the same bag for dirty clothes.

Our team at The Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo would be delighted to help you and your child adjust to their new environment – make sure to enquire about child-friendly places and activities upon check-in!